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Kids Farmers Market

Most Tuesdays, right after school

The Kids Farmer’s Market is so much fun! Most Tuesdays, right after school, children kindergarten through fifth grade, join us outside the cafeteria at Waggoner School where the festive Kids Farmer’s Market is set up. All of the food provided at the Kids Farmer’s Market is supplied by the Yolo County Food Bank. Each week, the Food Bank brings a big truck full of fresh fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables grown on nearby farms. Every child takes home over ten pounds of fresh food per week!


Here’s how the market works: Each child participating brings their own recycled bag. By bringing their own bags, the children learn the importance of recycling and reusing materials. Before the market starts, with their empty bags in hand, every child is given a small amount of play money that they use to “buy” all of the items at the market. By having the children “pay” for the produce with their play money, they are using their math skills and are also learning about exchanging money for goods received.


With bags ready and play money in hand, the kids start their shopping! One week they may take home apples, green beans, rice, walnuts, carrots and onions. From week to week, what’s offered at the market changes. The children learn about growing cycles and what kinds of crops are harvested in different seasons of the year. Once a month, a farmer is invited to help at the market. The kids love talking with the farmers and learning about how their food is grown. It’s a great connection!


Along with the food, recipes are handed out so the kids can cook some new dishes with their families. We have had parents tell us that their children will ask them to buy fresh vegetables after trying new things at the Kids Farmer’s Market. It’s exciting for kids and their parents to cook new dishes together!

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