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Yolo Leaders Forum - "Yolo Talks" on Innovation - Farm To School

"Farm to School," presented by Patty Rominger, Winters Farm to School.

Recorded by Davis Media Access as part of the Yolo Leaders Forum "Yolo Talks" on Innovation, presented by Yolo LAFCo at DMG MORI on April 30, 2015.

On April 30, 2015, Winters Farm to School was one of nine Yolo County organizations/non-profits selected to participate in the Yolo Leaders Forum "Yolo Talks" on Innovation. With government and business leaders from the around the county in the audience, Patty Rominger, President of Winters Farm to School, shared the story of how Winters Farm to School got started, our mission and why our program is innovative -- (hint, hint) -- we are ALL volunteer so the money we raise goes directly to feeding our school children healthier school meals, we lead the county in purchasing foods for our school meal programs that are 93% locally sourced and almost half of that farmer-direct, and we are finding creative ways to feed hungry children in our school district. Please see the attached video for Patty Rominger's Yolo Talk.

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