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We strive to educate our children about the importance of eating healthy foods in several ways.


Our food services staff uses every meal served at school, breakfast or lunch, to educate our kids about why choosing healthy foods is important to their long-term health and well-being. The kids are encouraged to try new foods daily and rewarded for doing so. Along the way, they are learning to appreciate eating their vegetables! 

There is an educational component at every Kids Farmer’s Market. When the kids receive their food, they learn about the vitamins and minerals in each food they receive and how those nutrients help them to grow healthy and strong. Many weeks, county nutritionists from Yolo County or dietitians from the Yolo Food Bank attend the markets and use fun interactive, games and surveys to teach the kids about proper nutrition. The children also learn about commerce, using “play money” to purchase the various items distributed at the markets.

Our school gardens are another place for learning. At both Waggoner and Rominger Schools, we have intentionally created outdoor classrooms where the kids are using their math and science skills to grow their own food. The gardens have also become a space for creating artwork or taking some time for quiet reflection.

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