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Letter to the Editor

Winters Farm to School felt there was no choice but to cancel our annual Feast scheduled for June 20th. Our Board was as disappointed as the many community members who have supported us so generously in years past. Historically, this one-day event provided a majority of our funding for the entire school year.

Now we are looking forward to the Big Day of Giving on May 7th to help us to continue to provide fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetable for our school lunch program. The community may not be aware that Cathy Olsen, the Food Services Director for the Winters School District, and her dedicated staff have been providing on average 3,000 meals a week to the children in our district, even though children aren’t in the classroom. Families can simply drive through to pick up meals.

We want our supporters to know that while this new delivery method limits what can be served, financial support of Winters Farm to School means that these curb side meals include at least some of the same fruits and vegetables from our local farmers that the kids loved eating when they were on campus.

On May 7th donors can give at Just search for non-profit organizations in “Winters”. There is a 24 hour challenge, but there is the ability to go online and schedule your donation starting now! We are so grateful to the support of the community and thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sincerely, Winters Farm to School Board

Gloria Lopez, President

Cathy Olsen, Patty Rominger, Emarie VanGalio, Doneice Woody, Walkyhr Macy, Vicki Jacobs

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