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The pandemic that began in 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges to many individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations. Our small community of Winters, like many others, has been particularly hit hard. Loss of jobs and income has left many families who were already struggling to make ends meet in even more dire straits. Already existing food insecurity for a large percentage of people in our community has only been magnified since March 2020. This in turn has made our Winters Farm to School (WF2S) contributions to the Winters School District Food Services program vital to meet the critical nutritional needs of youth in our community. The most significant impact to WF2S is the fact that our primary fundraising event, the Summer Feast, which has generated about $50,000/year, was cancelled last year (2020) because of the pandemic. This year's event has also been canceled due to pandemic concerns. We are actively exploring alternative fundraising options.

That is why our participation and your generous donations on the Big Day of Giving 2021 is especially critical. Please go to: April 22-May 6 to donate.

Thank you for your support!


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