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10,000 to Winters Farm to School from the Yolo-Covid Relief Fund

Gloria Lopez Winters Farm to School PO Box 611 Winters, CA 95694

Dear Gloria, Enclosed, please find a donation of 10,000 to Winters Farm to School from the yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund. We are very pleased for the opportunity to support an organization that is so important to the Yolo community. The Yolo-Covid Relief Fund is a partnership between Yolo County, the Cities of Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento, and Davis, and the Yolo Community Foundation. The funds were donated by the County, Cities, and other local donors.

This donation is intended to be general operation support, to support Winters Farm to School's response to the crisis created by COVID-1-9. We expect that these funds will be spent to address challenges created or exacerbated by COVID-19 and to support the Yolo community specifically; however, we trust Winters Farm to School to determine how the funds are best allocated in support of that goal. We will ask for a grant report (template to be shared later this summer) by November 1; the focus of the report will be on your overall impact on challenges created or exacerbated by this crisis and how the donation supported those efforts.

To satisfy requirements of the lnternal Revenue Service, your acceptance of this check will certify to the Yolo Community Foundation that (i) the organization has provided no tangible benefits, goods, or services to any individual or entities connected with the above-mentioned Fund in exchange for this grant and (ii) this grant will not be used to satisfy the payment of any pledge or other personal financial obligation on behalf of the donor(s), advisor(s), or other related parties to the above-mentioned Fund. lf you have questions concerning this policy and the nature of the gift, please contact Jessica Hubbard, executive director, at: or 617-877-5084.

lf you prontote this donation publicly, please identify the grant as coming from the yolo COVTD-19 Relief Fund at the Yolo Community Foundation. We encourage you to send us a copy of any press releases, articles, etc. that you may issue.

It is our privilege to support Yolo County's nonprofit sector, including Winters Farm to School, during these times. We are grateful to the Relief Fund's donors for making these grants possible, and to you for your hard work to support the Yolo community.

Sincerely, Jessica Hubbard,

Executive Director

P.O. Box 1264,Woodland, CA 95776 530.312.0593

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